1The Southern University System is seeking your input on its working strategic plan, “Fulfilling the Promise: A Pathway to Excellence.” Your opinions are important. Please complete all of the following questions. Use as much space as necessary to answer narrative questions. Your responses will be treated confidentially. A consolidated summary of all replies will be made available to the Strategic Planning Committee. Thank you for your participation.





1.5What is your age range?

1.6Are you located in Louisiana?


Please indicate the IMPORTANCE of each of the following goals, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most important. 


Goal 1 To attract and retain a diverse population of traditional and non-traditional students.




Goal 2 To continue to develop and offer outstanding technical and academic undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs that respond to local, regional and statewide workforce needs and promote student success and achievement.




Goal 3 To implement institutional effectiveness by promoting an evidence-based planning and assessment culture that is focused on continuous improvement and centered on each institution’s mission. 




Goal 4 To engage students, faculty, and staff in solving critical societal problems, expanding economic development opportunities, and enhancing quality of life in Louisiana, the nation and the world.




Goal 5 To launch fundraising campaigns designed to increase overall giving in support of student access, success, and completion; faculty and staff recruitment, retention, and professional development; capital improvements and deferred maintenance projects.




Goal 6 To provide an aesthetically pleasing, safe, secure, and comfortable campus environment that promotes student access and measures of student success, including retention and graduation rates.




Goal 7 To promote the Southern University brand using social media, institutional websites, print media, television advertising and more. Additionally, the System will do more face-to-face marketing, including town hall meetings and advocacy tours.